Debby is very excited about working with you on your singing and/or on-camera auditions, representation with an agent and jobs. She has been teaching privately and in master classes for the past 14 year. She is personally out in the professional business world every week working and auditioning. Debby is happy to share all her secrets and techniques that will help you succeed in this business, too. She would love to discuss your singing and/or acting career, dreams, desires, ambitions and goals with you.

It is an incredibly exciting, rewarding and challenging art to master. Debby's main objective and goal is not only to improve your skills, but to create a positive experience in the audition process and performances. Everything you will work on with her, will benefit you in every interview, audition and job. Most importantly it will make the difference between just getting to audition and getting cast in the job! And enjoying your performance!!

What we will work on for film:

  • take the pressure off the audition process
  • vocabulary necessary to audition
  • what to bring/not bring
  • relaxation exercises
  • the ability to “be yourself”
  • self-confidence
  • basic “business” skills
  • what to practice daily
  • the dos & don’ts in an audition
  • how to get an agent/maintain great communication w/ agent
  • how to prepare yourself when you get the job

We will work on camera each time and watch it:

  • #1 - SLAT
  • interview technique
  • improv skills
  • cold read auditions
  • memorization skills


  • $50 an hour for private coaching

What we will work on for Singing Lessons:

The joys of singing!! Whether it is for professional jobs, auditions, gigs, choirs, bands, classical style, art songs, pageants, musical theater, Broadway music or just for your own pure enjoyments ~ I can help you achieve your personal singing goals.

They include:

  • Safe and effective vocal warm up and health
  • Proper vocal technique for creating desired vocal quality
  • Vocal strengthening and confidence
  • Proper vocal placement and range extension
  • Working through the “break” of your voice to create one even quality
  • Ability to sing “chest/belt”, “head voice” or “mix/Broadway”
  • Proper breath support and control
  • Release of any and all tension
  • Basic understanding and knowledge of music
  • Building a vocal repertoire
  • Preparation for auditions and performances
  • Having fun!

What to Bring

  • Hard cover 3 ring folder (1/2 to 1 inch)
  • mp3 device to record your vocal warm and piano accompaniment


  • Appointments available around your schedule and needs
    Monday thru Friday


  • $25 ½ hour
  • $50 hour

"Debby creates a safe environment to learn and thrive in.
She goes above and beyond for her students making sure they are prepared for auditions and when they get the job."

"Debby creates a safe environment to learn and thrive in. She goes above and beyond for her students making sure they are prepared for a
and when they get the job" ~Sarah Represented by Ford/Robert Black Agency
Debby is GREAT! What a fun person to coach acting and singing with. She challenges me with ideas that make my performing and auditions successful! ~ Jeff - Voice Teacher at a Community College & Professional singer and performer

"I have been working with Debby for a few months now and I came to her having had no experience in the business and she helped me learn and grow in so many ways. Not only have my acting skills improved tremendously, but she has also helped me in my everyday life to be more confident. It amazes me how many wonderful things she has taught me. But the thing that stands out the most about Debby is that she really cares about each person and wants them to be successful.” ~ Kacie - Represented by Deborah Maddox Agency

" Our 7 year old daughter had no experience when she started private on-camera coaching with Debby. Through Debby's instruction she quickly took off! She now has an agent and is working in all facets of the industry from print to commercials to feature films! We could not be more thrilled as to how Debby has helped our daughter. We are so thankful that Debby has shared her great wealth of knowledge, professionalism and experience with so many people." ~ Mary - Represented by Leighton Agency